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Woodland Aviation's Base Operation Now has LPV Approach

Woodland Aviation, a leading aviation service provider, today announced the addition of a precision LPV approach at their Yolo County Airport (KDWA) facility. Get the new Approach PlatesHERE. "This additional capability for Yolo County Airport demonstrates the continued level of improvements being implemented at our base airport" stated Gary Pelfrey Vice President of Woodland Aviation and Davis Flight Support. A LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) is similar to an ILS - Instrument Landing System, which is a "precision" approach. LPV approaches can only be accomplished with a WAAS GPS receiver. The performance of an LPV approach allows minimums as low as 200 feet agl before a missed approach must be executed. The benefits of a LPV approach:

  • Use of the precision LPV approach may avoid a diversion to an alternate airport.

  • Larger fuel savings due to fewer diversions (alt airports) and constant descent profile.

  • Ground support equipment is reduced due to the space based satellite system technology.

  • Vertical guidance alleviates "dive and drive" non-precision approach methodology.

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