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Pinnacle Turns Twenty!

Vero Beach FL: The Pinnacle Air Network has turned twenty years old, and has launched a new website in celebration. Twenty years ago, general and business aviation was suffering the effects of a declining market after a series of political and economic blows. During this time, a group of independent minded entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to band together to form a network that would allow them to share best practices and leverage their collective strength – differentiating themselves and providing them with the power to offer more value to their customers. This group of FBO / MRO and Aircraft Sales Centers named their new entity the Pinnacle Air Network and have not looked back since.

Today the Pinnacle Air Network celebrates 20 years together; the group now consists of 19 of the strongest FBO / MRO and sales centers in the United States and Mexico. Leveraging “the Power of Pinnacle,” the network of independent operations are continuing to provide the ultimate in customer service, value and experience to corporate and private aircraft owners.

Randy Groom Executive Director of the Pinnacle Air Network commented, “Our members take pride in their entrepreneurial spirit and independence. This spirit has created an organization that can provide our customers an incredible array of maintenance options as well as hundreds of STC enhancements.”

In March of 2015, the network launched a new website which provides comprehensive information on all of the member companies as well as outlines some of their key supplier partners. The website is located at

About Pinnacle Air Network

The Pinnacle Air Network is a group of 19 leading North American independent aircraft sales and service organizations, with a combined annual sales volume of over $1.6 billion USD. Their collective strength and sharing of best practices assures customers will receive the highest standards of quality, integrity and customer service.

The members of the Pinnacle Air Network include:

Aerolíneas Ejecutivas

Central Flying Service

Cutter Aviation

Eagle Aviation

Elliott Aviation

Epps Aviation


Flightline Group

KCAC Aviation

Keystone Aviation

Landmark Aviation

Maine Aviation Corporation

Muncie Aviation


Stevens Aviation


West Coast Aviation

Western Aircraft

Woodland Aviation

The current key statistics for the group are as follows:

// 19 Members

// 113 locations

// $1.6 Billion US combined revenues

// 4,670 employees

// 1,100 technicians

// $38 Million USD parts inventory

// 200 aircraft in charter and management

// Over 1000 years in business

// 100% independent, entrepreneurial, and profitable

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