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New Hartzell Prop STC for Meridian / M500

Yesterday both Hartzell and Piper Aircraft announced the approval of the STC for the 5-blade composite prop for the Meridian and the M500. The propeller offers a number of improvements over the standard 4-blade Hartzell prop with metal blades:

- Flyover noise: 1.9 dB(A) quieter.

- Cruise speed: 2 to 3 knots faster

- Climb: 90 feet/minute greater at Vy

- Takeoff ground roll: 20% greater acceleration

- Weight: 15 pounds lighter than the metal prop, 10 pounds lighter than the wooden core prop

The propeller is currently approved under the FAA, however, Hartzell is actively seeking approval with several aviation authorities outside of the United States.

Muncie Aviation Co. is proud to be among the first customers for the new Meridian five-blade propeller. "As a Piper dealer, we are thrilled to begin the Meridian aftermarket installations, building on the exceptional customer acceptance for other Hartzell five-blade propeller installations," said Muncie Aviation President Martin Ingram. "These new swept airfoil props look great and they increase the asset value for this excellent business aircraft through increased performance."

The durability of the new Hartzell prop integrates exceptionally well with the Piper Meridian and M500 for all around better performance. Optimal in design due to its carbon fiber strength, the Hartzell five-blade composite propeller is offered as a Piper factory option on new M500 aircraft.

The new Hartzell Propeller blades are certified for unlimited life and are five to 10 times stronger than wood core blades. They feature a stainless steel shank, nickel cobalt leading edge, and mesh erosion screen for FOD protection.

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