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Elliott Aviation, the industry’s leading Garmin G5000 retrofitter, has received the first deposit for the installation of a Garmin G5000 Citation Excel/XLS from Blue Link, LLC. The announcement comes shortly after Elliott Aviation’s 10th G5000 retrofit on the Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP airframe.

Elliott Aviation has retrofitted more aircraft with Garmin G5000’s than all other dealers in the world, combined. They are currently pursuing an ADS-B solution that will act as a bridge program that will significantly discount future G5000 installations.

The Garmin G5000 retrofit program for the Citation Excel and XLS completely replaces all existing avionics including the autopilot. The G5000 panel includes three LCD displays that provide the pilot and copilot with all of the latest, industry-leading technology like synthetic vision, electronic charts, WAAS/LPV, XM weather, engine indication and MFD range rings. The system meets all December 31st, 2019 FAA ADS-B requirements.

“We’re very proud to have such success with our Garmin retrofit experience,” said Conrad Theisen, Director of Avionics Sales for Elliott Aviation. “Seeing a deposit for a system where certification is not expected for another two years shows the confidence customers have in both the Garmin product and our experience doing full Garmin retrofits.”

“When Buying an airplane for a 7-10 year ownership period planning for the future is important, especially today, with compliance mandates such as ADS-B,” said Sam Blue, Chief Operating Officer with Blue Link, LLC. “Availability of safety enhancements like WAAS/LPV Capability, and Synthetic vision are also concerns. For us the G5000 upgrade to the XLS joins a proven and desirable Airframe with today’s technology. Elliott Aviation has significant experience with the Garmin upgrades to King Airs and Hawker 400xp’s, that made them my first call when it was announced. In our view we are building an XLS++”

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