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A proud alliance for 30 years.

The Pinnacle Air Network is an alliance of 17 strong, reputable independent FBOs / MROs / Aircraft Sales companies and is a member-owned Limited Liability Corporation. The purpose of the alliance is two-fold:









Pinnacle Air Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  Lance Phillips, an industry sales and marketing veteran and professional pilot, is the executive director. Today the Pinnacle Air Network has collective revenues of over 1.6 Billion USD and over 4,600 employees spread over 50 locations in the US and Mexico. Their MROs have over 1,000 skilled technicians and $38 Million in parts inventory. The group has over 200 aircraft in its charter and management fleet. Its members are respected, high quality operators. The Pinnacle Air Network is clearly one of the largest forces in the General Aviation Industry.







The Pinnacle Air Network has been a leader in the aviation industry for 30 years since its creation in 1994. All of the original members were large, successful Beechcraft dealers. When Beechcraft changed its distribution structure, these dealers saw the need to work closer together in negotiating with the OEM, but also to start forging ahead as a powerful group exploring new business strategies. Over the years, new members have been added, bringing new strength and diversity to the group, including full-service FBOs, MROs and dealers for Pilatus, TBM, HondaJet and Piper, as well as major aircraft charter and management firms.


TO HAVE AN OPEN EXCHANGE OF IDEAS on industry trends and to share best practices on providing world-class service. 


TO LEVERAGE THE COLLECTIVE POWER of the alliance to negotiate attractive contracts with selected large suppliers to the industry. 

The origin of the Pinnacle network

The Pinnacle Promise

//  To share best practices within the group to give every member the opportunity to improve their service offerings.

//  To allow our customers the benefit of Pinnacle’s collective buying power.

//  To build lasting, positive, personal relationships with every customer.

//  To maintain the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our business.

//  To exceed our customer’s expectations on every visit.

//  To make safety a top priority, for both our employees and our customers.

//  To welcome Pinnacle audits of quality and compliance with best practices.

//  To maintain open, accurate communication with our customers every step of the way.

//  To continually reinvest in our people, processes, technology and facilities.

//  To maintain a regional reputation of excellence for our brand and Pinnacle.

//  To provide customers the opportunity for input and choices in the service process.

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