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Lance Phillips
Executive Director

Lance Phillips is a career aviator with roles in aircraft operations, management and sales and marketing leadership. He is a student of aviation history, earned a bachelor's degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and has held roles as instructor and pilot, culminating in a Gulfstream G100 type rating and many hours in the Beechjet 400A. In addition to managing aircraft and flight operations, he has held management and executive positions for FlightSafety International, HawkerBeechcraft, Textron Aviation, Mooney Aircraft and lastly serving as vice president of sales and marketing for Lancair after its move to Texas. Lance also owns and manages Phillips Aero Services, an aviation consulting business.

Lance joined the Pinnacle Air Network as Executive Director in June 2021.

Gary Standel
West Coast Aviation Services

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Executive Committee

Justin Lazzeri
Skytech, Inc

Michael D. O'Keeffe
Senior Vice President
Banyan Air Service

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