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Skytech- PA-46 Luggage Rack Receives Certification

Increased Versatility

Take more of what you want when you want it. The PA-46 Luggage Rack is designed to accomodate a wide range of cargo. From golf clubs to suitcases or hunting equipment and even a portable potty. The PA-46 Luggage Rack gives you a strong platform to meet your mission.

FAA Certified

Meeting the approval of FAA standards in all PA-46 airframe models, the PA-46 Luggage Rack is designed for the rigors of air travel. The frame is securely mounted to the cabin floor using the left hand seat structure. Cargo is distributed over the CG to minimize weight and balance effect. Built in attach points and supplied cargo straps hold items in place.

No Cabin Disruption

Passengers will appreciate the minimal cabin impact of cargo. No more folding of the rear seats to fit golf bags. Pilots will notice the floor plan restricts cargo from encroaching in the aisle to the cockpit.

PA-46 Luggage Rack Specifications:

  • STC# SA03965AT held by Exaero

  • Useful load increases by approximately four pounds

  • Includes Luggage Rack, four cargo straps, installation hardware and applicable documentation.

  • Rated for 100 pounds of cargo

Introductory Price $3,995 (Plus shipping and tax if applicable)

*Subject to standard installation


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