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Stevens Aviation Announced an Increase in Manpower for Remote Aircraft-On-Ground Services

Stevens Aviation announces an increase in manpower to support its Aircraft‐on‐ Ground (AOG) mobiles services capability. New service technicians will be added to the Stevens mobile services teams at the Greenville/Donaldson and Denver facilities. In addition, two additional mobile services trucks will be added to the Stevens Fleet, giving Stevens the ability to provide faster AOG customer service over greater geographical distances. Currently, Denver‐based mobile service technicians cover service calls north and east of Denver (including most of the mid‐west) and the Greenville team covers the entire east coast and is regularly found in Texas, Florida and even Maine. According to Paul Witt, Executive Vice President of Operations at Stevens, “Serving customers where they are instead of where demonstrates that we have their backs. It is just another example of how we exceed customer expectations.”

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