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West Coast Aviation Services Welcomes California’s First Ever Piaggio EVO Aircraft To Its Charter Fl

Leading aviation services provider, West Coast Aviation Services headquartered in Southern California, is pleased to announce the recent addition of the all new Piaggio EVO to its diverse fleet of aircraft available for private charter. Recognizable for its unique shape and rear mounted turboprops, Piaggio’s first U.S. sold EVO aircraft makes its home at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. A second Piaggio, scheduled to arrive this month, will also join the company’s sizable fleet of fractionally owned aircraft, expanding the program’s membership opportunities. The two aircraft are part of a larger order for this new line of high-performance planes planned for delivery within the next four years.

The distinctively stylish Italian-built EVO makes its debut to the Southern California charter market offering spacious and elegant accommodations, faster speeds and a quieter cabin. Its sleek and aerodynamically designed airframe brings benefits inside and out giving passengers an elevated inflight experience. The newly designed twin turboprop is the best performer in its class, even faster than some light jets. Climbing to a maximum ceiling of 41,000 feet and reaching speeds of 350 mph, the aircraft produces efficiency as it saves valuable time and money. Experience quiet solace and increased cabin dimensions offering a height of 5’9” and width of 6’, giving the aircraft a much roomier interior than some business jets, to comfortably seat up to 7 passengers. The state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system with complimentary domestic Wi-Fi allows passengers to stay connected to the world below. A separate and enclosed aft lavatory also comes standard in this aircraft.

With greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems, and a more luxurious interior, the remarkable EVO is unmatched in its class. It delivers the performance and feel of business jet travel, while maintaining the cost efficiency of a turboprop. The EVO joins West Coast Aviation Services’ well-established fleet of charter aircraft ranging in size from turboprops to light, midsize and heavy jets.

“I’m excited to introduce the first of many Piaggio EVO’s to the Region,” said Gary Standel, West Coast Aviation Services’ Founder and President. “This new line of aircraft with its spacious interior, increased airspeed and excellent overall performance adds to the diversity of our fleet and provides yet another exceptional option for our fractional share owners and charter clients alike.”

West Coast Aviation Services is also pleased to introduce West Coast EVO Partners, its newest fractional ownership program tailored specifically for its Piaggio line of aircraft. Only West Coast EVO Partners offers exclusive cost advantages to owning a fractional share on the EVO. For a limited time only, realize even greater savings through the introductory offer that significantly reduces initial purchase price and lowers monthly fees. Act quickly, the special promotion is offered only until July 1, 2017.

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