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Elliott Aviation, a leading avionics retrofitter and holder of multiple ADS-B STC’s, has just successfully completed FAA ground testing and flight testing of their new low-cost ADS-B solution for the Citation Excel and XLS airframes. In addition to the Citation Excel, this STC can be applied to any aircraft with the Honeywell Primus radio package like the Hawker 800A/800XP and Hawker 1000. The STC is fully integrated and requires no modifications to the existing Honeywell equipment and is priced significantly less than the current Honeywell upgrade by 40% or more. It also does not require upgrades to any current Honeywell equipment which can save operators additional cost and downtime. The STC is expected to be available for purchase within the next few weeks. The STC utilizes remote mount Garmin GTX-3000 smart transponders and will provide a $50,000 credit toward a future Garmin G5000 installation in the Citation Excel and XLS.

The STC is similar in design to Elliott’s Garmin ADS-B solutions for other airframes including the Collins equipped Hawker 800A/800XP/750/850/900, Beechjet 400A/400XP and Premier I and IA. The design does not require additional modifications and provides seamless integration to existing cockpit controls including TCAS-II equipped aircraft. This solution also provides ADS-B IN through a Bluetooth compatible device through Garmin’s Flight Stream wireless platform.

“Honeywell equipped aircraft operators have been asking for a much more cost-effective ADS-B solution,” said Conrad Theisen, Director of Avionics Sales for Elliott Aviation. “We’ve done that and more. This fully-integrated solution not only saves the operator 40 percent or more, it also gives them a $50,000 credit toward a future Garmin G5000 installation, if they choose to upgrade their aircraft when the G5000 is available. With so many of these airplanes looking for a solution, they can not only choose to get the upgrade at one of our three facilities, they can have it installed at any FAA Authorized Garmin dealer.”

Elliott Aviation is a second-generation, family-owned business aviation company offering a complete menu of high quality products and services including aircraft sales, avionics service & installations, aircraft maintenance, accessory repair & overhaul, paint & interior, charter and aircraft management. Serving the business aviation industry nationally and internationally, they have facilities in Moline, IL, Des Moines, IA, and Minneapolis, MN. The company is a member of the Pinnacle Air Network, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), National Air Transportation Association (NATA), and National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).

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