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Western Aircraft Completes its 100th Falcon Inspection

Updated: May 24, 2019

Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today that it recently completed its 100th C-Inspection on a Dassault Falcon Jet.

A C-Inspection is a comprehensive examination of the aircraft and its systems and is the largest scheduled maintenance event on a Falcon Jet. Western Aircraft became a designated Heavy Jet Service Center in 2001, allowing it to perform C-Inspections as an Authorized Falcon Service Center. Since that time, Western Aircraft has completed C-Inspections on a wide array of Falcon aircraft including variants of the 50, 2000, 900, and 7X models.

“We are extremely proud of the support we receive from Falcon operators,” said Western Aircraft’s Director of Aircraft Services Jody Harris. “Our team of factory-trained technicians understands these aircraft inside and out, and that’s why the majority of Falcon operators in the Western U.S. and Canada use our service center when they need a big inspection completed.”

Harris added that the majority of the C-Inspections Western completes are combined with interior refurbishments and/or avionics upgrades. “When your aircraft is down for this type of large inspection it’s a perfect time to get additional work accomplished. So far this year we have seen many large avionics upgrades performed along with the C-Inspection.”

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