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Atlantic Aviation is Ready for Derby

Atlantic anticipates this year’s Derby being as, or more, busy than in year’s past. A typical Derby generates anywhere between 600 – 750 arrivals to the Louisville (SDF) location over a 4-day period. The Atlantic SDF facility is extremely busy Thursday through Sunday and no one is ever turned away. Ramp space isn’t an issue, as we work with the Louisville Airport Authority to secure remote space all over the airport.

“Atlantic Aviation prides itself in delivering industry leading service to our valued customers. Our Louisville (SDF) base has recently undergone a comprehensive renovation. In addition to our beautiful private terminal we have also partnered with the airport and customs and border patrol to create a new state of the art General Aviation Facility (GAF) for international clearing. This facility will enhance the premium offerings we are able to provide both our international guests and domestic customers returning from overseas” stated Jay Hamby, Regional VP of Operations.

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