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How Keystone Aviation Maintains Clean and Sanitized Charter Aircraft

Keystone Aviation is committed to making sure all aircraft are sanitized before and after trips. Amid the current situation, we have enhanced aircraft sanitation and cleanliness to keep customers and associates safe while continuing to provide private air charter services. Here is an article written by Nathan Hawkinson, Owner of Detail Aircraft Cleaning LLC, a company Keystone Aviation partners with for aircraft cleaning and sanitizing between each flight.

Now, more than ever, it is important to have the interior of an aircraft cleaned and sanitized properly prior to every flight. With the uncertainty of how the current pandemic is shaping the world, it is important to keep customers traveling via private jet healthy and to provide safe travel environments so they may get to their destinations worry free.

As a company focusing on the thorough cleaning of aircraft, and serving clients like Keystone Aviation, Detail Aircraft Cleaning has invested a lot of money into sanitizing and disinfecting products, equipment, specialty tools and new techniques to provide the best possible environment for safe flying. These products include sanitizing wipes, sprays and even a new portable mister machine.

The process begins with a post flight aircraft cleaning with enhanced sanitization measures more intensive than most other detail companies providing services. The ”Standard” sanitization technique is applied to interior aircraft surfaces more commonly requiring quick-turn servicing, or for aircraft used to fly the same persons regularly. The “Premium” service requires more time allowing for a deep sanitization and disinfection of the aircraft using a portable fogger/mister machine to apply the disinfectant over the interior surfaces.

Passengers and flight crews spend a lot of time in the aircraft they own, charter, or operate to travel for business to meetings, take family and friends for vacation and generally get to important, sometimes out-of-the-way and hard to reach destinations. An aircraft is a valuable investment. Detail cleaning allows it to function in a safe and healthy manner protecting those that travel inside while protecting the plane itself.

At Detail Aircraft Cleaning LLC, we know the details matter, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our customers and their business. From small, single-seat aircraft, to aircraft as large as the Boeing 737 and 757, we have aircraft sanitization programs tailored to each aircraft. Working with companies like Keystone Aviation we are able to deliver on our promise to keep private flying safe, healthy and beautiful.

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