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Banyan - Gogo AVANCE L5 Installation on a Challenger 300

Banyan is happy to announce a very successful installation of the Gogo AVANCE L5 System on a Challenger 300. Although avionics installs on 300’s are nothing new for Banyan technicians, this one is especially noteworthy. Our whole team came together and completed the removal of the interior, installation of the L5 System, re-installation of the interior, and did final touch-up paint without any discrepancies at departure. We were able to complete all of this in just under 3 weeks all while staying within the projected budget. The biggest hurdle was the previous antenna placement in the cabin. We worked directly with Gogo and found the optimal performance being above the headliner instead of behind the side panels. We were able to give this 300 seamless performance of the system throughout the cabin.


The Gogo AVANCE L5 system offers the latest in 4G in-flight connectivity. Stream video and audio and seamlessly host a web conference. Surf the web and access your personal network and email while texting with friends and family. The L5 provides support for streaming multiple devices and allows users to stay in touch using their own device with Gogo talk & text.

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