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Keystone Aviation Has Mastered Welcoming New Charter Customers

Keystone Aviation has always known the extensive benefits of flying private. It seems the rest of the world is starting to notice as well. In fact, Keystone Aviation has experienced a progressive uptick in both returning and new clients requesting private jet charter services since the pandemic began.

The value of private air travel is now more than ever apparent, and Keystone Aviation has adapted quickly to welcome first time private jet charter customers to the market. New clients want to know exactly what it means to fly private and what chartering an aircraft entails. As stated in the article “Will new customers shape the industry?” by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), customers new to the charter industry want to know they are flying with a reputable and safe operation. One way to discern safety is to look at the operations safety record, and certification with third party auditors like those Keystone Aviation holds including, ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern. Keystone Aviation Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Fish, shared “The Keystone Aviation team of seasoned experts are here to help our clients every step of the way, including answering any and all questions that come with chartering for the first time.”

It starts with communication such as a phone a call or email to our sales team to share your travel plans and needs. Once the team understands the travel mission they prepare a quote with suggested (or requested) aircraft type and all of the necessary steps to get the travelers to their destination. Following the confirmation of trip details, the trip planning and scheduling passes onto the flight coordination team to arrange catering, ground transportation and any other details requested to make the trip flow from arrival at the departing airport until they arrive at their destination. On the day of departure, the travelers arrive at their specified time driving straight to the aircraft for loading and a breezy departure.

Charter customers are seeking ways to better protect their families and business associates while maintaining the freedom to travel when and where needed. In order to provide the highest level of sanitization and protect the health of passengers and crew each aircraft at Keystone Aviation is deeply sanitized after every flight. When flying private travelers can also rest easy as they circumvent crowded commercial terminals without transfers and layovers getting them to their specific destinations with less points of contact. All these factors make flying private invaluable.

Navigating the ever-changing pandemic environment has not been without challenges for charter companies. What was once a routine task of flying anywhere in the world now requires significant research and time planning the most efficient route and points of contact to mitigate risk and meet local, state and federal guidelines set as a part of the health management programs. Augmented vetting of travel destinations: researching the local health environment, city health visitation requirements and implementing appropriate safety protocols to mitigate risk add steps into the planning and travel for private jet charters.

Travel environments change rapidly and although each day comes with its own set of challenges, the pandemic has ultimately made private aviation operations safer and more appealing. With these changes come the need for expertise and knowledge to navigate the requirements, and help new private jet charter passengers get where they want, as safe as possible.

“Our number one responsibility is the safety and protection of crew and passengers,” said Dan Govatos, Keystone Aviation Director of Operations. “We take it very seriously and do everything we can to make sure we limit potential exposure contact points. Masks, gloves and enhanced aircraft cleaning are now part of our everyday procedures.” If you are thinking about trying a private charter service and want the assurance that comes with a 25 year old private jet charter company, that continues to define new standards to meet changing requirements in air travel.

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