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Aerospace and Defense Systems recently delivered the initial T-34C Military Trainer to the United States Navy and Marine Corps training squadrons, six weeks ahead of schedule and twenty-five percent under budget. The completed T-34C is part of a program that calls for the inspection of six aircraft by 2023.

The two-seat, turboprop trainers require standard five-year conditional inspections to keep them in top operational shape. To expedite the inspections, the Navy’s Undergraduate Flight Training Systems program office (PMA-273) coordinated with AIRWorks, the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s in-house systems integrator to locate a cost-effective solution. AIRWorks selected Stevens, along with Science and Engineering Services LLC, from more than thirty industry partners.

Key to the success of the project was a collaborative working relationship and open dialog between all parties using frequent teleconferences. This was particularly helpful when early inspections revealed significant corrosion issues on the first T-34C inspection.

“We’re extremely proud of the performance of our teams on the T-34C project, particularly with the impact of the pandemic throughout our industry,” said Jim Williams, vice president of Government Operations at Stevens. “Even during these extraordinary times, our crews live by a simple commitment: On Time, On Budget, On Target. This is what our customer requires, and it’s our job to meet these expectations on every project.”

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