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TAC Air and The Wall Street Journal Launch Digital Newspaper Distribution for Business Aviation Exec

To minimize touchpoints and promote safe and healthy environments for customers and employees, TAC Air has partnered with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to launch the private aviation industry’s first digital newspaper amenity program.

Innovation, convenience and accessibility transpire as TAC Air manages its COVID response and reduces touchpoints throughout its network of 16 FBO locations across the United States.

Prior to March, 2020, it was common for travelers to be seen reading printed newspaper copies while lounging in TAC Air FBO terminals and aboard their flights. Working through the summer to address the issues of additional shared touch points, TAC Air partnered with WSJ to identify and deliver a touchless solution for delivery of news to traveling business executives.

“As a part of our exceptional services we have historically offered WSJ to our customers, and recently, TAC Air had to limit the distribution of printed materials in the FBO terminals and aboard customers’ aircraft,” stated TAC Air Chief Operating Officer Joe Gibney. “We collaborated with WSJ to create a solution that would respond to the customer need for world-class news while we follow new cleanliness guidelines and protocols. By partnering with WSJ for digital newspaper distribution in our FBO terminals, it is a win-win for everyone–Customers, WSJ and TAC Air.”

The Text-to-Me (TTM) program is a downloadable PDF of the day’s newspaper. Customers scan a QR or text a numeric code using their phone or tablet to connect and begin reading The Wall Street Journal, for 24-hour access. TTM is portable and WiFi is not required.

“TAC Air responded to the challenge of their customer preferences for both a contactless and print amenity choice. Text-to-Me was the perfect solution to satisfy a contactless newspaper experience, while maintaining print copies for those still preferring a newspaper. The Wall Street Journal is proud to be partnering with TAC Air to provide their customers with a choice – a WSJ My Way dynamic -- that speaks to their desire to provide an exceptional customer experience,” stated Lisa Stuart, Director National Accounts; The Wall Street Journal.

About TAC Air

TAC Air is an aviation ground services company providing the highest level of service available in fixed-base operations, with more than 800 associates in its network of operations spanning 16 FBO locations across the United States. TAC Air is a division of TAC - The Arnold Companies, a Texas-based aviation services and energy marketing company and one of the nation’s largest independent distributors of refined petroleum products, with sales volume exceeding 2 billion gallons annually. TAC has a reputation for simplifying the business and exceeding what others in the industry are doing in order to create sustainable growth. Ultimately, it’s the company’s associates and their passion for service that sets TAC apart.

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