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Updated: May 18, 2021

Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, recently completed the first Aviation Clean Air (ACA) Component installation on a Falcon 900 series aircraft.

The ACA Component is a cabin air and surface purification system that utilizes ionization technology to neutralize a wide variety of pathogens throughout the cabin of the aircraft. It also mitigates odors from cigarette smoke, fuel and pets.

“Since the COVID-19 issue arose, we have received a great deal of customer interest in the ACA Component,” said Director of Sales and Marketing for Western Aircraft Kerry Heiss. “As a Falcon Heavy Authorized Service Center, we are very pleased to be the first dealer in the world to install it on a Falcon 900-series aircraft.”

Heiss explained the simple installation of the Components allows for minimal downtime of the aircraft. It runs continuously to clean cabin air when power is supplied to the unit.

In addition to the Falcon aircraft, Western Aircraft is capable of installing the ACA Component on other popular models including Gulfstream, Embraer, Citation and other makes of aircraft.

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