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AOPA Safety Seminar – April 5th

April 5, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Emergency! Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong

We spend time training for them, but real-world emergencies are rare enough that it’s easy to get complacent. They don’t always happen to “other pilots,” though, and preparation can make a big difference when things don’t go as planned:

  • What if you lose 500 rpm during takeoff, but the engine is running smoothly?

  • What if the ammeter drops to zero during a flight in IMC?

  • What if your left aileron develops a strong vibration in flight?

Our new seminar is full of expert tips on handling those “up here, but wishing you were down there” scenarios. We focus on how to keep abnormal situations from becoming full-blown emergencies, offer advice on keeping critical problems under control, and give our best advice on off-airport landings.

This seminar is being held in KCAC’s Maintenance Hangar (Building #3) from 7pm-9pm. For questions regarding this seminar, please contact Carrie at (913) 324-1214.

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