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Why Choose The Services Of Executive Airlines?

Executive Airlines is the leading business aviation company in Latin America, with over 45 years executive approaching its destination.

It is currently chaired by Arturo Ortega, it is a solid company that employs 400 people and 88 pilots. It has six bases located in: Toluca, Monterrey, Leon, Merida, Cancun and Culiacan; 5 hangars at the base of Toluca and one in Monterrey, where 69 aircraft shelters and custody.

Executive Airlines is a pioneer in offering its customers a package of fractional hours called "MexJet". This service is a business unit, currently has more than 70,000 flight hours, more than 45,000 landings and takeoffs without accidents, demonstrating safety and quality service. It also has "" JetCard , "a prepaid service hours flight hours to Mexico.

Another factor which reaffirms the commitment of Aerolineas Executive is your approach for the safety of its customers and partners, so, year after year makes a huge investment to maintain its facilities and aircraft in perfect condition, as well as pilots and highly trained employees. these efforts are reflected in the Wyvern certification, in addition to the iS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) awarded by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), the only airline in Mexico with this distinction.

Executive Airlines has established itself as the market leader in business aviation in Mexico and carries on average more than 8,000 flights a year and has successfully transported more than 190,000 passengers.

Let us know your pace of work and together we design a flight plan that suits your business needs and your family travel. Come to us, our business representatives are ready to assist you .

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