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KCAC Aviation Takes Part in New Advanced Training Seminar Provided By Pilatus Aircraft

OLATHE, Kan. — KCAC Aviation, a full service aviation company located in Olathe, Kansas, as well as Chesterfield, Missouri, took part in an advanced training program provided by Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. for their Next Generation PC-12. This program trained KCAC Aviation maintenance personnel on aircraft systems troubleshooting as well as the proper procedures for downloading technical information wirelessly from the PC-12 NG. The training took place over a four-day period, during the week of June 27 at the KCAC Aviation headquarters located at the Johnson County Executive Airport.

“We identified a need to provide additional support and training, with emphasis on some of the digital record keeping tools provided in the new PC-12 NG,” said Mark Loos, maintenance training manager at Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. “We selected KCAC Aviation to receive this training because of the quality of the maintenance they currently provide, as well as the pride they take in their maintenance services and personnel.”

The training focused on utilizing the digital recording functionality of the PC-12 NG, as well as its wireless capabilities. With most aircraft, maintenance techs rely on the pilot reporting issues that arise during a flight to provide effective maintenance. Digital monitoring on the PC-12 NG tracks all relevant information, which can be downloaded and analyzed by trained technicians for aircraft diagnosis.

“Our maintenance team is one of the best in the business, so it’s no surprise Pilatus chose us for this training,” said Angelo Fiataruolo, KCAC Aviation general manager. “Aircraft maintenance can be something that is often overlooked, but it impacts everything from the quality and safety of the flight to resale value later on down the line. We are excited to be chosen by Pilatus for this training.”

Earlier this year, KCAC Aviation was also awarded the Diamond Award of Excellence in Maintenance Training/Proficiency by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Diamond Award is a very distinct award as it recognizes the fact that 100 percent of all eligible Aircraft Maintenance Technicians have received a designated amount of initial and recurrent training during a calendar year.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our entire maintenance team,” said Tom Conley, KCAC’s director of maintenance in Olathe. “Receiving the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence shows not only our commitment to safety and training, but it also speaks volumes about how our maintenance team is continually going above and beyond to provide the best service and support for our customers and their aircraft.”

About KCAC Aviation

KCAC Aviation is a full service aviation company based in Olathe, Kansas (Kansas City), with an additional maintenance facility in Chesterfield, Missouri (St. Louis). Specializing in new and used aircraft sales for Pilatus and Piper, KCAC Aviation offers Part 145 repair services, avionics installations and repair, charter and aircraft management. For more information, visit

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