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R.D. Wooten Expands Role at Cutter Aviation to Include Maintenance Sales

PHOENIX, Arizona. – Cutter Aviation is pleased to announce R.D. Wooten has added Maintenance Sales to his position. In this expanded role,R.D. will work with Cutter’s existing maintenance customer base. He will also develop new relationships with aircraft owners and operators needing the broad range of service maintenance offerings available from Cutter’s FAA Part 145 Repair Stations.

R.D. brings an extensive background of experience and knowledge with him. R.D. Wooten began his flying career at a small airport in Columbia, MO. As a new flight instructor and charter pilot he gained over 1000 hours of experience his first year as a professional aviator. Upon moving to Phoenix, Arizona, he began his career in aircraft sales with Cutter Aviation at the Phoenix Sky Harbor location in 1979. He spent over two decades with Cutter Aviation as a salesman for the Beechcraft product line. In March 2010 R.D. rejoined the Cutter Aviation as a Regional Sales Manager for Pre-Owned Piston, Turbine and Jet Aircraft. Cutter Aviation is pleased R.D.’s vast knowledge and experience will be utilized to help aircraft owners find solutions for all their aircraft maintenance needs.

R.D. is an FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot with Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Instrument and Glider ratings and has over 4000+ hours of flight experience.

You can reach R.D. at: (602) 267-4050 or by email at

You may also visit his online profile at and download a high-resolution picture from

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