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Banyan Featured In GE Aero Engines Spotlight

Banyan Air Service is one of the original Authorized Service Centers to be signed with GHAE. Whether in their shop or in the field, their outstanding team continues to provide first-rate service of the HF120 engines! Learn more about Banyan below:

Banyan Q&A

1. When was your service center established?

Q1 2015

2. Mechanically, how is the HF120 more advanced than other light jet engines?

The engine lets you download faults via a laptop which helps tremendously when troubleshooting an issue. In addition, GHAE constantly monitors the trends of the engine to fix issues before they occur. The engines are FADEC controlled, and have proven to be extremely reliable with minimal downtime due to AOG events.

3. What services do you offer for HF120 owners/operators?

We offer full-service maintenance with scheduled and unscheduled events. We honor their EMC2 warranty programs which covers labor and parts.

About Banyan Air Services

Banyan Air Service is an award-winning full-service fixed base operator (FBO) with more than 1 million square feet of hangar and office space within 110-acre aviation complex. Banyan provides comprehensive business aviation services, including ground services, aircraft sales, heavy maintenance, and more! When visiting Banyan, be sure to check out the world’s largest pilot shop, Banyan Pilot Shop, and dine with a view of the ramp at the delicious Jet Runway Café. For more information, visit

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