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Epps Delivers another Pilatus PC-12NG to Operator in St. Barts

St Barth Executive, based on the French-speaking Caribbean island of St Barts, has taken delivery of a PC-12NG. “Flying into our home base provides a number of challenges only the PC-12NG can handle with its unique short-field performance,” explains CEO, captain and flight instructor Vincent Beauvarlet. “All other STOL aircraft are way slower and less comfortable. On this exclusive market, it was a no-brainer in terms of safety and quality."

“It's just perfect for the job. The PC-12NG proves very stable on the bumpy, tricky approach and landing. We're so happy with this choice.”

The company runs VIP charters, shared public charters, air taxi and air ambulance across the Caribbean and Florida.

Beauvarlet continues: The PC-12NG has it all: a long range with an outstanding STOL capacity, along with a superb executive cabin. Compared to an Islander BN2 or a C208 Caravan, its interior is unsurpassed.

“This aircraft offers a whole set of new possibilities, like operating direct flights from Miami, the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos to SBH, while flying faster and higher which also means more safety. With the EASA SET-IMC/night approval, we can now manage more than 85 routes throughout the Caribbean, Florida and Central America. This is the highest guarantee of safety! Assuming an engine fails (and this never happened on a PC-12) at any point of the route, the plane is able to glide under autopilot and land on a suitable runway. With the PC-12NG's climb performance, you're always in safe hands. This makes the twin turboprops completely archaic.

St. Barth has been strengthened by a number of recent approvals including from the French CAA (RVSM, SET-IMC/NIGHT, PBN/RNAV, steep approach qualification in St Barth and the company's AOC). “We are growing every day, and thanks to Pilatus and EPPS Aviation, we now have a Satellite Center,” Beauvarlet continues.

“Specific runways like St Barts, Mustique or Les Saintes (LSS/TFFS) are certainly challenging. We have a dozen of those in the area, so training is a big part of our job. Moreover, applying for the SET-IMC/Night approval was another big challenge in terms of routes calculation and demonstration. Partnering with RocketRoute made a huge difference. Finally, the hurricane season can be really difficult for the crews.

“Nonetheless, as we had an amazing start with the new PC-12 NG, we didn't have much time to dedicate to communication. Our website is still pretty basic. We're on it now, getting down to work on the sales and marketing and preparing to reach out to other businesses in September. We're aiming to create links with companies like the broker, specialised travel agencies, jet companies in search of transfers for their passengers. The BACE in Las Vegas will clearly mark the starting point for our commercial activities. We also hope to increase our medical flights before the end of the year.”

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