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Pinnacle Air Network Members Meet At Dynamic Aviation

This week, the members of the Pinnacle Air Network met in Bridgewater, Virginia for its annual meeting. As our host, Dynamic Aviation brought in young, grades 8-12 students from the area to take part in Dynamic's new program, NEXTGEN Aviators. NEXTGEN is a fun, comprehensive, and concise way to bring the many facets of aviation to young people. The PInnacle members were able to witness these young people, many of whom have never had an introduction to aviation and all the different avenues to careers through it, and to take part in the experience. In the photo above, a group of students are learning about computer aided design, or CAD. They're taking a step-by-step approach to building three-dimensional components for use in aircraft. All of the experiencial stations we witnessed fully held the students' attention and invigorated their sense of wonder in new and suprising areas.

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