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Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems, LLC (“Stevens”) has obtained Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) enabling the company to manufacture and sell parts for type certificated aircraft. Parts will be available for onsite or offsite installation and give the benefit of possibly avoiding long lead times and higher costs.

Stevens can produce both universal parts, such as avionics component blanking panels, or one-off parts, such as custom contoured antenna mounting plates, using its extensive in-house CNC machining, 3D printing, and metal working capabilities.

“Our PMA is an important part of an overall growth plan helping us serve our customers better as we analyze every step of the maintenance process”, said David Crowder, general manager of Stevens’ Greenville facility, co-located with their company headquarters. “Producing parts, wire harnesses, and other assemblies internally where it makes sense gives customers cost and downtime options previously not possible resulting in a higher-value experience overall”.

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