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West Coast Aviation- 2014 Citation M2 (HND) joins West Coast Charters' Fleet

West Coast Charters, certificate GSPA467E, welcomes the 2014 Cessna Citation M2 to their diverse fleet of jets and turboprops. Based in Henderson, NV, the light jet is available for immediate charter.

Based on the Cessna Citation CJ platform, the M2 delivers exceptional power and beauty in an efficient light jet. The aircraft is faster than almost all comparable aircraft and can access virtually any airport with a short runway not accessible by mid-size and heavy jets, making it the ideal aircraft for all customers.

The 11-ft passenger cabin can accommodate up to 6 passengers comfortably and features a redesigned luxury interior with excellent in-cabin technologies and amenities: such as universal power and charging stations throughout the cabin, complimentary Wi-Fi internet access, XM Radio, overhead LED lighting, roomy adjustable seats and an enclosed washroom. The M2 passengers will also have access to complimentary iPads and headphones to take full advantage of the available Wi-Fi.

Whether passengers fly for business or pleasure, West Coast Charters specializes in tailoring to each customer’s specific travel needs and prides itself in delivering a memorable travel experience. Additionally, West Coast Charters provides flexible travel options and budget-friendly private charter flights ideal for any and all travel needs.

Contact the Charter Team at 1-800-352-6153 for a price quote on the Cessna Citation M2. West Coast Charters looks forward to serving you.

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